The Bolder Board Training
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I was so incredibly moved by the Training. I don't know if it was just the right content at the right time but I've literally been to 200-300 of those things and that was literally one of, if not the, best I've ever been to. Wish the entire board and staff could have been there… 

Lisa S. Thompson, Board Chair, Flying Kites


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The Bolder Board Training far exceeded my (already high) expectations. Extremely valuable information. Compelling. Inspiring. Fertile ground was created than led one of our board members to present a potentially game-changing idea. So glad that eight of us participated.

Mike Rodrigues, President & CEO, Thrive


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A visionary experience regarding the potential of the social sector captured in vivid examples of trial and growth. It's more than a training, it's a moment to reflect on the importance of making more good at a greater scale.

Henry Cross, Executive Director, Hosh


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An excellent investment of time and money. One of the best trainings I have attended. be prepared to want more and to be energized by the implementation of risk, love and growth.

Donna Dwyer, Board Member, My Place Teen Center


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Extraordinarily inspiring and worthwhile day.

Barbara Gorder Board Member Children's Museum of Sonoma County


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This is just the kind of training that re-energizes a stagnant or complacent board. I encourage boards to use this training as a retreat and include all of their members.

Glen Findholt, Board Chair, HealingWindsVermont


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I was lucky enough to end up with 7 board members (plus me) there -- the session motivated us in a way not much else has to cut through the fluff and personal baggage to really try to simplify what we want to do …the stuff about the salaries and overhead was so eye-opening!

Liz Pease, Executive Director, Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society, Inc.


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At a time when we need to rely on mission driven organizations to ensure progress and drive social justice more than ever, Dan's training provides its participants with the context and clarity needed to take the leap. As a CEO of an organization setting the stage to scale nationally, attending this training with my board chair gave us a collective confidence that scale and game changing aspirations are essential to achieving lasting and meaningful impact. We feel more ready than ever to scale and take risks! I highly recommend this training for leaders and their board members. We plan to invite our entire board to the next one!

Yolanda Coentro, President and CEO, Institute for Nonprofit Practice


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I left so fired up. I was basically high the rest of the day. Thank you so much.

Andrew Myerson, Chief Haymaker, Haymakers for Hope 


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Highly recommended for Board members who, deep in their hearts, feel that their organization can do more and be better, but don't know how even to begin to think about how to move in that direction. Dan doesn't dish out 'pie in the sky" but instead provides a deeply thought out, evidence-based framework for re-imagining your organization.

James McDaniel, Chairman of the Board, Dare Family Services, Inc.


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As a CPA and a Board member, I can use the information from the Bolder Board training to help to transform the thought processes of many of my nonprofit client audit committees and full Boards. I am the "go to" person when it comes to evaluating the "efficiency ratio" (the ratio of admin+fundraising to total revenue) of my client's financial statements. Now I can bring another level of discussion to those meetings.

Timothy F. Hagan, Board Member, BJHC, PC



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I really learned a lot about being a better board member and learned how to better serve our clients.

Kevin Lutz, Board Member, Greater Marlborough Services

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If you are in need of inspiration or to become grounded in what is truly possible, Bolder Board is for you.

Shaheer Mustafa, Board Member, Dare Family Services


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When I arrived at the training, I also lugged in a fair amount of skepticism, but by lunchtime, it was gone. The conversational quality of Dan's presentation conveyed his considerable knowledge effectively, his occasional inclusion of personal anecdotes was on point and served to clarify otherwise complex ideas, and not once did it come across as scripted. The total avoidance of buzzwords and "industry slang" enhanced Dan's communicative ability to the point that I discarded my auto-armor against it within an hour or so. The material was new to me and the approach fresh. My only quibble is that the room's acoustics made group-discussion difficult—close to inaudible at times. I highly recommend this training.

Brian Hotchkiss, Board Member, Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society


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